Kristi Knupp is a Sound Designer in the Video Game Industry. She has worked on many game titles for both Electronic Arts and Activision. She just recently shipped O! My Genesis VR for Sony Playstation VR .  Her skills include but are not limited to Audio Directing, Sound Design, Implementation and Foley Recording. She is proficient with the following:


  • Overseeing Audio Departments of varying sizes from start to finish on AAA Game Titles

  • Casting, Recording and Directing Voice Over Talent

  • Working closely with Composers to achieve maximum quality for interactive music experiences in games

  • Recording unique sounds using Sound Devices and various Mics

  • Nuendo, Protools, and Ableton Live for audio editing and sound sculpting

  • Implementing in Unreal 4, Unity, Wwise, F-Mod Designer and The Frostbite Engine

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